Our Approach

At RCG, we start with the foundational components of all good business solutions: People, Process, and Technology. Building on these pillars, we layer in aspects of scalability, governance, and security to recommend and deploy innovative solutions for your business.

This approach works for all sizes of organizations and project scopes. See below our proven, standardized methodology to tackle your challenges through effective analysis, collaboration, transformation, and change management.

  • Evaluate

    Assess the current state, identify metrics or KPIs to measure the current issues. Highlight key risks and opportunities using a SWOT-type approach. Begin to document basic requirements or business needs.

  • Ideate

    Work with you and your team to ensure everyone is part of the solution, effectively establish stronger “buy-in”. Typically in a workshop or interview format, defining a clearer list of requirements.

  • Strategize

    Refine and present alternative solutions, ROI, Benefit vs Effort. Work with leadership to ensure the solutions meet the overall objectives and guiding principles. Gaining decision on go-forward plan so that a detailed roadmap can be built.

  • Plan

    Deeper and more detailed planning stage to establish scope, resources, and timeline. Create clear project or initiative charter. Set all roles and responsibilities for internal and external teams

  • Execute

    Lead and monitor the project or initiative to completion using Agile or Waterfall methodology. Drive to completion providing regular and candid communications with the team and leadership.

  • Empower

    Educate and empower the internal team to embrace the change, take ownership and manage the solution going forward. Critical to the sustainability and continued realization of the objectives.